2021 Board of Directors, Advisor, and Supporters Meeting

1227 Rockbridge Road
Suite 208-227
Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Board of Directors, Advisors, and Supporters/Partners
30 Minutes Meeting

Wednesday, December 15, 2021
8:00 PM EST – 8:30 PM EST


Meeting called to order by moderator – Gary Zermuehlen, YBU Vice President, Spokesperson, and Public Relations Director

Welcome – Eugene Choate, YBU VICE President, Parliamentarian/Director


Old Business from Monday, December 7, 2020 – Dr. Morgan Gomes, YBU Secretary/Director


NOTE: Please refer to the attached previous Board of Directors Agenda provided by Jeffery Duncan Henderson for all details of the old minutes.


• YBU 2021 Theme and Motto – Theme: “What Fortune 500 Company CEO's And Wealthy People Teach Their Kids”.

• Motto: Youth Branding University’s MISSION Is To Break The Cycle | Bridge The Gap | Level The Playing Field | Empower Individuals | Ignite The Fire Within Them To Generate Financial Security, Independence, Wealth, And Legacy!

• GrantWatch (Grants) Involving Dr. Quentin Newhouse.
• Advisor to the CEO Update.

• Parent testimonies.

• Student testimonies.

• Student website highlight.

• Community collaboration business partnership.

• Fiscal Agent for WATTS - Women Aspiring Together to Succeed, Inc.

• Marketing partnership with The Edge Agency out of Buford, GA.

• Social Media update.

• Technology update.

• Board of Directors new profile on YBU website.

• Board of Directors Members update.

• Succession Planning.

• Budget – Income/Expenses update.

• 2021Game Plan/Vision.

• New youth market targeted – paying clients.

• Capital Funding Campaign initiatives and update.

• The YBU Tax Deductible Financial Giving Pledge – 100% Board of Directors Contribution.• Open Discussion

  • Motion to approve Old Minutes
  • Motion Second to approve Old Minutes
  • Vote by Board of Directors Only
     Yes
     No


Opportunities/Concerns – YBU Founder and CEO Jeffery Duncan Henderson


• Covid-19 – onsite workshops and seminars.

• Virtual Workshops with students.

• Board of Director's involvement.
• Meeting growth demands/vetting – staffing and volunteers.

• Grants.

• Sponsorships.

• Partnerships.

• Golf tournament.

• Facility/Space.

• Development webinars/workshops – presentation, pre-test assessment, post-test assessment, and study guide.

• Developing a budget.

• Meeting financial obligation

  • Summer Camp 2023 at Stars and Strikes Family. Entertainment Centers


  • • Legal/Protecting YBU
    YBU Privacy Notice and Disclaimer for our website
    o YBU Legal, Financial, Banking, Investment, Accounting, Tax, And Estate Planning Legal Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions
    o YBU Anti-Discrimination Policy

• Technology – computer, websites, and new software.

• Marketing

• Succession Planning

Recap of The YBU Giving Pledge Request

Recap of YBU Advisor To The CEO

Recap of YBU Board of Directors Presentations

Recap of YBU Youth Speakers

Recap of YBU Parents Speakers

Recap of YBU Partnerships

Recap of YBU Social Media Update

Recap of YBU Technology Update

2021 Board of Directors Members, Advisors, and Supporters Meeting - Part 2

  1. New Business – Jeffery

• Youth Wall Street – Youth Billionaire Club - Creating the Next Generation of Wealth
o We actually have 8 students that we have helped acquire 5 shares of S and P 500 fractional stock.
o We currently have 5 students that we are working with to acquire 5 shares of S and P 500 fractional stock which should take place by the end of February 2022.
o We have 10 more students that are considering purchasing 5 shares of S and P 500 fractional stock.
o I would like for the YBU board of directors, advisors, and supporters to help us identify 15 additional students that we can help purchase 5 shares of S and P 500 fractional stock. I would like for this all to be achieved by March 31, 2021.
o This would give YBU a total of 38 that have 5 shares of S and P 500 fractional stock which would exceed our goal of 20.
o I would also like for YBU to help to make sure that all 38 students have a savings account which most of them probably already have.
o This will allow YBU to seek sponsors from both stock brokerage firms and banks.
o If we just do workshops focusing on Wall Street - The Youth Billionaire Club - Creating the Next Generation of Wealth, I think our goal is to acquire $500 sponsorship for 200 students with YBU getting $250 per student ($50,000 totally) and each student getting $250 in investments ($50,000 totally).

• Youth Business Enterprise - Creating the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

• Focus on acquiring paying customers/students

• Emphasis focusing on paying customers/students on the Northside of the Greater Atlanta Area, Peachtree City, and other cities nationwide with similar demographics as the Northside of the Greater Atlanta Area and Peachtree City.

• Emphasis of focusing on acquiring grants and sponsorships.

• 4th Quarters Fundraising Company

• Clean to enhance YBU websites

• Emphasis of finalizing budget.

• In Person Board Meeting in December 2022

• YBU Board of Director Training

• Continued Board of Directors and Advisors involvement, especially in the area of developing presentations, presenting presentations, and making a tax-deductible donation to YBU of at least $100.

o Motion to approve New Minutes
o Motion Second to approve New Minutes
• Vote by Board of Directors Only

  1. 2021 Accomplishments

• New YBU Board of Directors Members
o Beth Gunier
o Shenica Bridges-Mathieu

• New YBU Advisors
o Kewon Foster
o Dr. Quentin Newhouse

• Board of Directors involved in
o DeKalb County CTAE which impacts thousands of students
o Community Teen Coalition which impacts over 500 students and 1,000 of families: Jeffery Duncan Henderson, President
o Cross Keys High School FBLA which impacts hundreds of students: Jeffery Duncan Henderson, President
o Mays High School CTAE which impacts hundreds of students: Jeffery Duncan Henderson, Co-President
o Arabia Mountain High School Academy of Engineering Medicine and Environmental Studies which impacts hundreds of students
o Towers High School CTAE which impacts hundreds of students
o Stone Mountain High School CTAE which impacts hundreds of students
o Clarkston High School CTAE which impacts hundreds of students
o 4th Quarters Fundraising Company
o Kick -Back At the Hang-Out Church, Jeffery Duncan Henderson, President
o Out of Love Ministries which impacts hundreds of families – Jeffery Duncan Henderson, Treasurer

• Sponsors
o Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center (10 years) – Presenting Sponsor
o Sandler Training Center of Simon, Inc (new relationship) – Presenting Sponsor

• Partnerships
o Operations Hope (YBU noted in national promotional video)
o Community Teen Coalition
o Next Level Sports Camps
o Huntington Learning Center (national approval from lawyers)
o Dale Carnegie Georgia (need to re-develop relationship)
o WATTS - Women Aspiring Together to Succeed, Inc.

• College Planning
o One student-athlete was accepted to over 30 colleges, received over $1 million in scholarships, and now is attending Georgia Southern. Also, YBU Board of Directors Member Valerie Rhodes completed the FAFSA Application for the parents and student,
o One student received a full ride to Kennesaw State University
o One student-athlete who is a graduate student we helped find scholarships
o One non-student athlete who is a graduate student we helped find scholarships
o One student-athlete who was already enrolled in undergraduate school we helped find scholarships
o Currently working with students on applying for scholarships who will be attending SCAD in Savannah

• Eastside Homeschool Class (Wall Street and Business Enterprise – What Wealthy People Teach Their Kids) – Student has a bank account, stock, mutual fund, and we are currently planning on him purchasing a bond

• Personal Finance and Budgeting Webinars and Workshops on behalf of Operation Hope
o KIPP Atlanta (over 25 female students - virtually)
o Creekside High School (over 25 students- virtually)
o Girls of Excellence (over 25 students- virtually)
o Mays High School (over 50 students- virtually)
o Girls of Excellence (over 50 students- in-person)

• Entrepreneurship
o Operation Hope Webinar involved over 50 high school students with 4 them bring mentored and two of them receiving $500 each (virtually).
o We now have one YBU student where his business has generated over $13,000 in revenue in 3 1/2 years
o We are currently helping one young adult start her business

• YBU Investment Program which includes savings accounts, stocks. certificates of deposits, bonds, mutual funds, educational IRA's and 529 Plans, 501 k plans, estate planning. etc.

• Career and Intrapreneurship Readiness
o Several months ago, we helped a student get a job at the Southland Country Club and Golf Course
o Careers In Public Works (a new webinar was developed by YBU Advisor Tom Eggum (Retired Public Works Director, St. Paul Public Works Department, MN), Rebecca Shelton (Assistant Director, Water Resources Department, Gwinnett County, GA), and Stu Moring (Retired Director of Public Works, Roswell, GA) with support from YBU Board Member Paul Benitez, and Jeffery Duncan Henderson). We did 5 sessions that impacted over 100 Engineering Students pertaining to Arabia Mountain High School Academy of Engineering Medicine and Environmental Studies (YBU Board Member Shenica Bridges-Mathieu’s classes)
o The Future of Technology is Here Now!!!
o Wall Street and Business Enterprise-What Wealth People Teach Their Kids (9-month course)
o Black Wall Street and Black Enterprise: 40 Acres and A Business (9-month course)
o Hispanic and Latinx Wall Street and Hispanic and Latinx Business Enterprise: What Wealthy People Teach Their Kids (9-month course)
o Asian Wall Street and Asian Business Enterprise: What Wealthy People Teach Their Kids (9-month course)
o Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders Wall Street and Pacific Islanders Business Enterprise: What Wealthy People Teach Their Kids (9-month course)
o American Indian and Alaska Native Wall Street and American Indian and Alaska Native Business Enterprise: What Wealthy People Teach Their Kids (9-month course)

• IUL - Indexed Universal Life Insurance PowerPoint presentation developed by YBU Board of Director Member Valerie Rhodes and Jeffery

• Life Preparation and Goal Setting Webinar developed by Jeffery

• The Art of Persuasion, Negotiations, and Sales PowerPoint presentation developed by Jeffery and held in person at Sandler Training Center of Simon Inc. with the keynote speaker being YBU Board of Director Member Gary Zermuehlen

• Student-Athlete Webinar including how to navigate the new NCAA ruling of students-athletes getting paid - we just helped a student-athlete from Boston College look for graduate scholarships

• Why Franchising PowerPoint presentation developed by YBU Board of Director Member Beth Gunier

• How to develop a website created by YBU Board of Directors Member Paul Benitez

• Leadership and Character Development Workshop developed by Harold Fabre

• Introduction of Microsoft - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project Management, Outlook, and Visio developed by Paul Benitez
• Website Development Worship developed by Paul Benitez

  1. Q and A – Jeffery
  2. Adjournment – Gary

• Motion to Approve Adjournment of Meeting
• Motion Second to Approve Adjournment of Meeting
• Vote by Board of Directors Only

• Jeffery Duncan Henderson, Chairperson and CEO
• Eugene Choate, Vice President (Former President and Board of Directors Member of Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company (over 25 years). Currently, he is the National Marketing Director at New Era Life Insurance Company)
• Gary Zermuehlen, Vice President, Spokesperson and Public Relations (Sales Coach and Trainer at Sandler Sales Training Atlanta, Simon Inc.)
• Valerie Rhodes, Treasury (Founder and CEO of Rhodes Financial Services
• Paul Benitez, Technology Chairperson (Founder and CEO of Shamar Consultants LLC)
• Dr. Morgan Gomes, Secretary/Director (Applied Chiropractic and Kennesaw State University)
• Roxanne M. Ames, Marketing Chairperson (Corporate Director of Sales for Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center)
• Human Resources Chairperson (Open Position) – John Holly will provide consultation until the position is filled)
Board of Directors Members
• Jason Bates (Loan Officer at LoanDepot)
Cindy Bryant, Retired High School Teacher, Towers High School
• Christopher Paul DiLorenzo, President of The James Paul Group.
• Harold Fabre, Retired Logistics Supervisor
• Michael Green, High School Teacher, Cross Keys High School
• John Holly, Executive Human Resources Consultant
• Dr. Phyllis Peothro Mills, Work-Based Learning Coordinator, DeKalb County Public School System
• James Swinton, Assistant Vice President Underwriting, Munich Re. Munich American Reassurance Company
• Bryan Taylor, Founder and CEO, Anderson Taylor, and Managing Partner, Salesninja
• Christopher Caruso, General Manager, Staples
• Megan Cook, America's Senior Financial Wellbeing Program Manager, Operation HOPE Inside, Youth Empowerment
• Hannah Johnson, Business Owner
• Kiara Parish, Founder, and CEO, Kiara Parish Media Communications
• Artis Spencer, Retired School Counselor, Dekalb County School System
• Beth Gunier is a Career Ownership Coach with The Entrepreneur's Source in Las Vegas, Nevada. Area
• Shenica Mathieu, CTAE/STEM Teacher, Arabia Mountain High School
• Jon Oglesby is the Service Director at Five Star Ford Stone Mountain.

• Dr. Nazeera Dawood, Founder and CEO, Chai & Just Chat
• Tom Eggum, Retired Public Works Director, City of St. Paul
• Dr. Tyrone Mallory, Medical Doctor
• Darlene Moore, Medical Field
• Dr. Tonique Reynolds-Morgan, DMD, Family First Smiles
• Dominic Stokes, Founder and Executive Director, Community Teen Coalition
• Katryn Taylor, Co-Founder, Anderson Taylor
• Jessica Washington, Financial Literacy Director, Usher's New Look
• Joseph Jay, College Student, Georgia State University

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