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Youth Branding UniversityMISSION Is To Break The Cycle | Bridge The Gap | Level The Playing Field | Empower Individuals | Ignite The Fire Within Them To Generate Financial Security, Independence, Wealth, And Legacy!

Youth Branding University: The Year of 2021 Mission


Why Choose Us

Since 2016, Youth Branding University has empowered over 16,000 youth, equipped over 900,000 adults, and served over 2,500 homeless individuals.

YBU is different compared to most organizations because we are about relevant results and outcomes for youth, millennials, parents, adults, the marketplace, and community leaders.

Although we provide educational services to a wide range of the demographics spectrum, our focus and sweet spot involve middle school students, high school students, college students, millennials, parents, and educators.

Listed below you find a snapshot of the type of webinars , seminars, workshops, classes, and courses that we offer accordingly:

Life Preparation and Life Skills100%
Banking and Personal Finance100%
College Planning and Recruitment100%
Intrapreneurship and Career Readiness98%
Business Consulting and Entrepreneurship99%
Business Administration and Business Skills96%
Business Administration and Business Skills96%
Cyber Security and Technology90%
Student Athletes Empowerment90%
Economic Development and Empowerment90%

About Youth Branding University


 MISSION STATEMENT: Youth Branding University is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and a simulation of a "University" designed to EMPOWER individuals to Discover their own PASSION, MISSION, PURPOSE, and UNIQUE BRAND to achieve the AMERICAN DREAM. We bridge the gap and level the playing field, for individuals to igniting the fire and light within them.

 BRAND MESSAGING: AT YOUTH BRANDING UNIVERSITY – a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization targeted to everyone from elementary school students through millennials along with adults – we take our mission as a gateway to opportunity and success very seriously. Our team members believe knowledge is power and inspire our students to thrive to execute their life purpose and goals. We bridge the gap and level the playing field for a diverse cross-section of students by educating, elevating, empowering, energizing, engaging, and equipping them to achieve the AMERICAN DREAM and become leaders in academics, athletics, business, entrepreneurship, finance, and life. By tapping into their mindset and helping our students discover their own PASSION, MISSION, PURPOSE, and UNIQUE BRAND, we are proud to serve as the spark that ignites the fire and light within them.



Truly Youth Branding University (YBU) could not meet the vision of providing superior, quality, personalized, and innovative services and solutions to our youths, adults, and the community at large without the generosity of so many individuals, families, corporations, foundations, sponsors, partners, and volunteers.

Your kindness and generosity make it possible for YBU to improve the lives of others globally and to continue to build the partnerships that positively impact our world.  


Our Programs

Listed below you will find Youth Branding University's perspective and foundation of our mobile university: 

  • Guides you into revelation knowledge and guided self-discovery
  • Provides mentoring
  • Trains you to be a leader in your area of talents, soft skills, and business skills
  • Trains you how to become business-minded
  • Trains you how to become an entrepreneur
  • Trains you on how to become financially independent and wealthy

Our Vision

Overall, the Youth Branding University’s vision is to provide superior quality services, resources, and global practical and applicable training to elementary, middle, high school, and college students along with their engaged parents by partnering with school systems PTA’s, colleges and universities, non-profit organizations, churches, governmental agencies, and businesses. Examples are:

  • Leadership Development
  • Life Application
  • Financial IQ and Investing


About Youth Branding University

Youth Branding University (YBU) is a relevant comprehensive youth organization simulating a "University" designed to educate, elevate, empower, encourage, energize, engage, enrich, equip, and expand today's global youth, millennial, parent, adult, marketplace, and the community at large leaders.

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